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Microfiber Cleaning Products

You have found the industry's best source for microfiber cleaning products. We sell wholesale direct to the end user all types of microfiber cleaning products: microfiber towels, microfiber flat mops, microfiber pads, microfiber mops, and microfiber frames & poles.

We guarantee the lowest microfiber pricing!

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Why Use Microfiber Cleaning Products?

Microfiber Cleaning Products can give your business or organization increased cleaning capabilities, reduce cross contamination, reduce cleaning time, and give you big cost savings. Here are some articles on some of the many advantages of using microfiber cleaning products:

"Why you should use Microfiber" - Article by CleanCraft Products, Inc.

"10 Reason to Use Microfiber Mopping" - Article by Sustainable Hospitals Project

"Using Microfiber Mops in Hospitals" - Article by the EPA

Microfiber Pricing

As mentioned, you can save big money using microfiber cleaning products. With CleanCraft Products, Inc., you can now save big money on the actually microfiber cleaning products themselves. We sell wholesale direct. Check out our full online ordering system here: Online Ordering.

Current Pricelist of Microfiber Cleaning Products here: Price Flyer

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